Trains are a major part of life in Tauranga and the area has many level crossings where trains take priority over road traffic. All race distances include courses which pass over at least one level crossing. Running Events and Kiwirail have worked together to ensure there is as little disruption to the event as possible due to train movements. We do not anticipate any train interactions for any participants on course, however it is important that participants behave in a safe manner if this happens.

Where are the Level Crossings?
Name Location
Maxwells Rd 10k, 21k, 42k and 50k courses. However, no train movements are expected during the event.
Dive Cres 2k and 5k courses. However, no train movements expected during the event.
Will I be stopped by a train? 

 It is important to understand that it is extremely unlikely you will be affected by a train movement. We do not anticipate any train interactions for any participants. 

What happens if a train arrives?

 Above all else, safety is our number one concern. Race marshals will be on hand at each crossing point to ensure that participants are stopped when a train is coming. Failure to adhere to their instructions comes with an instant and irreversible DQ. As soon as the crossing is closed, race officials will be ready to record the race number and arrival time of each participant as you arrive. Once your bib is recorded, your race time is effectively “on hold”. 

When the train has passed and the level crossing is full re-opened, the official in charge of the crossing will release all held runners and record the time of release. This will restart your race time. You'll be able to check in your online race results the time that you were held and the time that you were released from the holding area. If you feel either of these is incorrect, you can contact us through the event web site for more information. 

Running Events are extremely grateful to Kiwirail for their help in minimising the impact of train movements on the Tauranga Marathon.