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Maxwells Road Bus Transfer (Marathon & Half-Marathon entrants only): $9

Take the stress out of race morning by catching an event bus from The Strand to the Maxwells Rd start line, dropping you in plenty of time to get ready to run or walk all the way back! Tickets can be purchased during the registration process; or added to your registration by logging in to your account, clicking on the Make Changes button in your registration and following the prompts. Tickets cost $9 and are limited in number. Ticket purchases will close Thursday evening (if not sold out earlier). No sales from Friday or on Race Day.

Your race bib is used to access the bus service. Our co-ordinator will have a list of all tickets purchased so just let them know your name and they can check their list. The bus co-ordinator will be onsite and will check your tickets before allowing you board.

Important! Please don’t be late! Buses will not wait and will be departing promptly.
05:45 a.m. Muster time for bus passengers (see bus map)
06:00 a.m. First bus departs City
06:20 a.m. WARNINGLast bus departs City
06:40 a.m. Last bus arrives at Maxwells Rd drop-off point
07:00 a.m. RACE STARTMarathon & Half Marathon

Important! Please be aware the bus service is not suitable for spectators. Buses will leave the area immediately after dropping off. These buses will not be returning to the finish line.